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Nov 10, 2022

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Tech Talk: Nutrition Tracker can help improve workplace well-being

Our SydneySM Health Nutrition Tracker gives members new ways to engage with their health, supported by intuitive technology and evidence-based research. It can log meals, calculate macronutrients and calories, and even save favorite foods for future tracking or sharing with a provider. It’s included in the app at no additional cost.

It uses a smartphone camera and recognizes more than 90% of 30,000 types of food, both packaged and plated, and 5,000 food categories.

In our recent study, 95% of healthcare professionals said access to patients’ nutrition information would improve healthcare outcomes, but less than 15% have access to this information. Members can also create reports and share them by email allowing healthcare providers to:

  • Make on-the-spot recommendations on how to improve nutrition.
  • Adjust recommendations for specific health conditions.
  • Share data with specialists for conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Empowering your clients’ employees to make better choices can help increase workplace productivity, improve overall organizational well-being and lower costs through prevention and diet management.

Learn more about the Sydney Health Nutrition Tracker in this video.

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